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    paulsimonon asked ive customized it beyond the realm of stupidity

    Glad to hear it! That’s why I have so many options!

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    morethanrobots asked If you align a picture LEFT that is at the bottom of your post, there is an error. I took a screenshot, but you don't accept links. What happens is the picture extends below the bar that ends the post.

    Could you upload onto http://uploadscreenshot.com and email that link to matt@quantumdm.co.uk? I’ll take a look!

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    bonkerbat asked in reply to morethanrobots - mine was line 437. its the section a bit after the theme credits

    Okay I shall pass that on… And check my code later. So many updates I lose track of everything. Any more feature requests?

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  4. Fancy some reading? Good.

    morethanrobots asked Sorry. You said that line 457 provided the powers to edit the Who Am I? text, so that it does not simply copy what appears at the top of the page. When I looked at the code, there was something else on line 457. I thought that perhaps you were referring to version 2.1, so I waited until I could update, but still line 457 is not the right one. A little help, please. Thanks!

    I shall confirm this for you and get back to you. Line numbers may have changed in the recent updates.

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  5. This post is nice to look at


source: http://speckyboy.com/

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    2.1 LIVE

    Version 2.1 is LIVE - Get back to the theme garden y’all!

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    misshavishamsfire asked Is there a way to make tags visible?

    Unfortunately not currently. I’ll write some code just for you this afternoon and get back to you :)

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  8. Fancy some reading? Good.

    Maybe I should start posting about stuff other than this theme… hmmmm…

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    Where and How Apple Make Their Big Bucks:

    It is not only interesting, it looks awesome too!

    (Source: alexandrepaias)

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    So yeah, v2.1 now in for moderation. I’ll leave that on there though so you all come back to the garden once its done. It includes permalink support (at long last) so you can finally see what the notes are, rather than just seeing they exist. I’ll let you know when it’s live!

    Oh and yeah, if you want an example this tumblr always has the latest version (coz I develop using it)

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