1. And I Quote...

    "If the combos stop coming, find them in your heart…"

    Ben Giles (Playing fruit ninja)

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  2. Fancy some reading? Good.

    How to get V2.0 if you’re impatient


    The tumblr theme moderators certainly like to take their time, so for all of you who want v2.0 early, go to http://pastebin.com/M20s0Gkn and copy all the code. Paste it in your customize box and you’re good to go. I’ll let you know when it goes official though as that’s a way better way of getting it. Enjoy! I’d rather you were patient though as it keeps my theme installs number nice and high.

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  3. Fancy some reading? Good.

    theroshcyclebin-deactivated2014 asked is v2.0 available for installing?

    About to post a link…

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  4. Fancy some reading? Good.

    alexandrepaias asked Worked fine! I didn't know that "add CSS" option, I've always thought I would have to change your original CSS file! Again, very nice work here Matt, with some extra options (e.g. define column width, better search button) I think you have an excellent premium theme here. Wish you all the best, thank you!

    What do you mean by a better search button (Not particularly into what fancy stuff other themes have) ? And this thing is staying free, hoping it might get featured one day though :D

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  5. Fancy some reading? Good.

    alexandrepaias asked I would still like to customize the hover color in the usefull links (because it's not only about twitter). I've thought of 2 solutions: 1. add a <style> tag before the button I want to change (I've tried but didn't work, maybe i did something wrong) or 2. define a class for some of those buttons, and change the css file (didn't try this because I would have to modify your work and re-upload a new css). Thanks again!

    Aha you’re on the right track. Goto line 471ish (I have a modified version of my own template) and find <ul class=”pages”>

    Copy one of the list items to the bottom and change the <a href=”“> and text to where it should go and say. Also add a class so

    <a href=”somewhere” class=”twitter”>Twitter</a>

    Now go to customize > Advanced > Custom CSS and add:

    #right-panel ol li ul.pages li a.twitter:hover{ background:#CODE; }

    Save and you should be all good (obviously change the code). If that doesnt work ask again and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

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  6. Fancy some reading? Good.

    alexandrepaias asked Hi Matt! First of all, wonderfull job with this theme, congrats! Now my 2 questions: 1. Whenever i post a video, the bottom black bar (arround post time and "reblog" option) is "hidden" by its white color. How can i fix it? 2. In the useful links section, is there an easy and simple way to make, e.g., the twitter link have a blue background when hover? Many thanks from Portugal.

    Hey there :) The video bar being the wrong colour was an error on my part, is fixed now just waiting for the code to go through moderation and it should be fine then (Whenever I issue an update they have to moderate it first to make sure I didnt do anything dumb).

    There is no easy way of doing that, I can give you instructions if you want (ask again and I will). Alternatively, in the next release (once moderated) there is support for an official twitter widget in the sidebar so you can show your tweets that way. If you still want custom hover colour, ask again and I’ll write you some code for it.

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  7. Fancy some reading? Good.

    Any Questions?

    If you have feature requests or general questions about my theme ask away! I do love answering them :D

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  8. Fancy some reading? Good.

    bonkerbat asked another spam - for the likes section, is there a way i can minimise the size of the images?

    Haha so many requests! Lucky for you they’re easy ones!

    Go to customize > Advanced > Custom CSS and paste this in, just change the 100px width to your liking to resize your piccies. Enjoy!

    #right-panel ol li div#likes_container ul#likes li.like_post a.photo_link img.like_photo{
    height: auto;

    #right-panel ol li div#likes_container ul#likes li.like_post{
    text-align: center;

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  9. Fancy some reading? Good.

    Ahoy! Just out of interest, would you say my theme is premium standard?

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  10. Fancy some reading? Good.

    How to have different text in the about me box

    Until I get round to officially including this…

    Press customize and edit the html code.

    Go to line 457.

    Replace {Description} with the text you want.


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